22 Days

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I spent most of the night memorizing bible verses. Dave has challenged us to memorize so many verses each week. I am quickly reminded how I haven't been using my brain as much as I should. It's been a bit of a struggle, but I think I doing good.

I also spent the night trying to think of things to do for the kids while I'm gone. I'm going to record some books on tape for them. Kent isn't much for reading bedtime stories. I also thought I might leave some notes for them each day so that they have somewhat of an idea of where I am or what I'm "suppose" to be doing that day. God may have an entirely different plan for me. The longest I've left either kid is one week (not even a full week). Leaving the kids for this long is definitely going to be difficult for me as well as them.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks to the day. I'm getting very excited. The suspense of the whole trip is driving me crazy!!